Made for tennis players by tennis players


Our Vision

To stimulate increased participation across all ball sports by making these sports more accessible for players and fans, irrespective of age or ability.

Our Mission

To innovate, design and develop portable, affordable ball launchers, and other practice equipment solutions for all ball sports.

Our Story

Joe, an avid tennis player, had this crazy idea that quickly became a core mission for him: that everyone should be able to own a tennis ball launcher. He loved the concept of tennis ball launchers, and always used them when he was at the club and they were available. Problem was, they weren’t always available, or easy to use, or even good for that matter.

He knew that to make a tennis ball launcher for everyone, besides being simple and incredible, it would have to be both portable and affordable. So we got to work, and we couldn’t be prouder of the end product.


Slinger Bag Evolution

February 2019

Hired CEO Mike Ballardie

May 2018

Kickstarter Campaign

Slinger Bag’s Kickstarter Campaign Is Launched!

Never again wait on the court. Warm up whenever, wherever by launching balls at varying serves and speeds.

April 2018

Large Scale Manufacturing

Final arrangements are put in place for larger-scale manufacturing and assembly.

August 2017

Early Version Slinger Bag

A revised but still early version Slinger Bag takes near-daily trips to the court for testing and bug-checking.

June 2017

Slinger Bag Prototype

After further tweaking and some material choices, a prototype is manufactured.

March 2017

Slinger Bag Proof of Concept

The team reviews proof of concept design.

January 2017

Initial Drawings Finished

The team finishes the initial design drawings.

October 2016

Slinger Bag Concept Occurs

Joe thinks up the Slinger Bag concept during a break in a tennis match.

Our Team

Mike Ballardie


Former CEO Prince, VP/GM of Wilson Racquets EMEA, President JanSport International

Paul McKeown


Former CFO of Wilson and Amer Sports, Canada

Tom Dye


Former COO of Wilson International, Coleman Outdoor and Prince

Juda Honickman


Experienced digital brand marketeer and crowdfunding expert

Joe Kalfa


Experienced investment expert and avid tennis player.