We set out to create something new. A tennis ball launcher that was equally portable, affordable and incredible. Hit the courts solo anytime, anywhere.



Take full on-court advantage of your Slinger Bag by choosing the Slam Pack that is right for you. Each pack containts all of our accessories, with the option to add 72 or 144 Slinger Triniti Balls (by Wilson) at special package pricing!


We've partnered with world-renowned tennis coach Nick Bollettieri as well as professional coaches from around the world to create Slinger specific drills to improve the game and enjoyment from players of every level. Are you ready to train with the best?

Wilson Racket Bag

Spinning action! Nice! It’s pretty simple, there are two plates - one sits under Slinger, while the bottom plate has a motor that rotates the top plate and the Slinger in tow. This enables a wider range of shot-types and keeps you moving, shooting balls all over the court.


  • “After using the new launcher during a training session, we've both become instant fans of Slinger Bag - it adds a whole lot of fun training on court. I think Slinger Bag is set to become the best training partner for tennis players as it gives players the opportunity to hit quality balls more often wherever they are, whenever they want.”

    Bryan Brothers

  • "One of the keys to being successful in tennis is consistency. Consistency is built on repetition. Slinger Bag is available 24/7 for practice and drills making it the perfect tennis partner to build consistency and improve your game."

    Nick Bollettieri

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