Telescopic Ball Collector Tube

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An important piece of tennis kit designed to solve the age-old problem of collecting balls from around the court. The Slinger Telescopic Ball Tube collapses and expands with a simple twist and lock mechanism.

Half the size, double the capacity.

The ball tube comes equipped with a hook to secure it to your Launcher bag as well as a carrying strap for easy transport.

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The Slinger Telescopic Ball Collector Tube is a one of kind Ball Collection device. Allowing players to not bend over for every ball that needs collecting. Simply push the bottom end of the tube onto the ball and it will move up into the device.

With a capacity of 20 balls while it collapses to half that size for easy and versatile transport.

  • Slinger Telescopic Ball Collector holds 20 balls but packs up to the size of 10
  • Dimensions: Open 52.5" x 4.9" Closed 28.7" x 4.9"
  • Turn the Slinger Telescopic Ball collector over to easily release balls back into Slinger Bag for continued play
  • Slinger Telescopic Ball Collector Tube weighs lbs/kg
  • Slinger Telescopic Ball Collector Tube holds up to ? balls at a time


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