Slingshot T-One Oscillator

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The Oscillator adds a whole new level of functionality to your Slinger Bag giving you horizontal ball oscillation. This enables a wider range of shot-types and facilitates all types of drill and fitness workouts!

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The Slingshot T-One Oscillator is a game-changing device adding horizontal ball oscillation to the Slinger Bag. Designed for ease and practicality the Slinger Bag simply sits in the grooves on the oscillator tray. Easily powered by a small magnetized wire that connects directly to the Slinger Bag control panel.

  • Slingshot T-one Oscillator weighs 2.5 (kg) and comes with a convenient carry case
  • Dimensions: 20.7" x 14.9" x 3.74"
  • Slingshot T-One Oscillator has an oscillating span of ? degrees to cover the full width of the court


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