Slinger-Triniti Tennis Ball by Wilson (72 Ball Box)

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Not only do the Slinger Triniti balls perform to the highest standards, they also provide incredible durability and they are eco-friendly too!

Designed by Wilson the #1 tennis ball brand in the USA!

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The first performance tennis ball designed with fully recyclable packaging, Triniti brings sustainability to tennis.

Featuring a unique octagonal paper container, the Triniti sleeve is fully recyclable after use.  The ball core integrates a unique plastomer material, while STR Felt provides enhanced durability and is 50% more flexible than the standard ball.  This blend of the new core material and flexible felt allows this ball to maintain enough liveliness to exist outside of a pressurized can.  Between a combination of innovative ball technology and unique sustainable packaging, Triniti ushers in a new era for performance tennis balls both on and off the court.

  • Slinger Triniti Balls contain Engage Core which maintains fresh ball feel 4X longer than standard balls.
  • Slinger Triniti balls contain STR Felt which is 50% more flexible than standard felt, for more durability and feel on contact.
  • Slinger Triniti Balls are good for use on all court types.
  • Slinger Triniti Balls - 3 balls per can - 24 can case (72 balls).


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