Slinger Bag Kicks off 2020 with its Inaugural Shipment of 5,000 Slinger Launchers into the Global Tennis Market

Baltimore, MD. USA (January 2, 2019) Slinger Bag Inc. (OTC: SLBG): Slinger Bag, the disruptive sports equipment brand that is set to revolutionise the global tennis market with the most versatile, portable and affordable tennis ball launcher ever introduced into the tennis market, today announced that it has commenced shipment of the inaugural 5,000 units of its highly-anticipated product.


The tennis aficionados who pre-ordered the Slinger Bag, including those that supported the brand’s successful crowdfunding campaign, will be the first to receive the product in the New Year.


Slinger Bag has been in development for two years and is the first product of its kind to target the regular tennis player directly. It’s been put through its paces around the globe following a comprehensive testing program by a discerning group of players, distributors and dealers, as far afield as Australia and New Zealand to Europe and the USA with several thousand hours of use and over one million test balls launched – all to ensure the best possible performance for the maximum amount of players across all ages and abilities. The product, which has seen 7 development iterations over the past 2 years, has been put through its paces on both clay and hard courts and been rigorously tested by Slinger Bag’s in house development and QC teams as well as some of the world’s best players. This in-depth testing process has ensured that the Slinger Launcher delivers an uncompromising performance each and every session.


Slinger Bag has identified the optimum materials and components, partnered with leading manufacturers and has identified innovative construction methods. The outcome is a 24/7 training partner aimed at enhancing performance and honing the fitness of tennis players the world over.


Slinger Bag is built by players for players and incorporates unique and practical features making it a ‘must have” piece of tennis equipment for regular players.


Slinger Bag CEO Mike Ballardie said: “After a long and challenging development process we’re delighted to have reached the point of shipping out the inaugural 5,000 production packages and taking the first small step in realising our ambition to revolutionize the tennis market. Based on both our internal and external seed testing results we are now excited to see and hear the reaction of our broad base of global early adopters as to how they see Slinger Bag changing tennis practice for the better, for players of all abilities.


“The feedback that we have received from both pro and amateur players during the testing process has been overwhelmingly positive. It is now time to share Slinger Bag with tennis fans everywhere so players can improve their game and maximise their enjoyment every time they go on court.”


Slinger Bag is scaling up its manufacturing capacity to meet consumer demand. To discover more, and sign up for updates on how to buy Slinger Bag products visit