Can my child train with Slinger Bag?

This is one of the most interesting questions we get asked all the time. The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. There are several aspects to explore first.

Safety and health of your child above all else

We have mentioned in other articles that Slinger Bag works best with yellow balls. We explicitly mention in our FAQ that we do not recommend using Green, Orange or Red Dot balls and that the launcher will NOT work with the Stage 3 Foam balls. If your child is under 10 years old and is just starting tennis it is sensible to use slower balls which allow children to learn faster and enjoy the game more.

Another reason is how heavy the yellow ball feels when being hit with a smaller racquet (23”, 25” or 26”). This can affect not only the development of your child - mainly because of the height of the bounce of the ball - but also their health, especially their arm and elbow health. The height of the ball launched from Slinger can be adjusted with the elevation knob, but this is still a factor to consider when playing with small children. To find out more about it, please visit the PLAY&STAY website from the ITF.

That being said, if your child can do the following there is no reason why you and your child should not enjoy a fun time together with Slinger on court:

  • Your child is playing with a 27” racquet
  • Your child has a consistent contact point in his/her strokes or is learning this

Slinger Bag is an amazing tool to give you a consistent ball which will help you and your child, in a controlled training environment, hit similar balls repeatedly. This repetition is one of the keys in learning the game of tennis. It allows you and your family to practice your movements at a pace that suits any level!

Of course, we recommend that when you go on court with your child you keep these tips in mind:

  1. Keep the Slinger Bag on the same side of the court as the player
  2. Start with the beginners settings for SPEED, FEED & ANGLE, even if your child is already more advanced
  3. Let your child get used to the way Slinger Bag launches the ball
  4. Be mindful of your child’s health and keep the amount of time spent on court reasonable. As a rule of thumb, structure training should be limited by age, while unstructured tennis can be as much as the player desires.
  5. On that point, the Slinger Bag is a machine. Your child isn’t. Having fun with the whole family is priority number one since it will make the learning experience richer!

We are committed to keeping our community healthy and active, and sharing the right information is vital.

Have fun out there on the courts with your family and don’t forget that we love to see pictures and videos of the whole family on court.