Getting to know your Slinger Bag


Slinger Bag is equipped with many helpful features to improve your on-court experience.
In this article, we will cover the full range of Slinger Bags helpful features that you can use to improve your on-court experience.

  • Extendable trolley handle: The handle adjusts to three different sizes allowing you to travel with Slinger Bag easily.
  • Telescopic ball pick-up tube holder clip: This clip allows you to attach the telescope ball tube to your Slinger Bag offering convenient portability.
  • USB Phone Charging Port: The charging port rests on the right side of your Slinger Bag and allows you to charge your mobile device mid-play.
  • Top right-side pocket to hold remote: This easy to access pocket offers a safe place to stow your Slinger Bag remote control via a built-in clip.
  • Side Carry Straps: These straps assist you when lifting and transporting your Slinger Bag.
  • Elevation Bar: The elevation bar is in the bottom right side zipper pocket as you face the front of the Slinger Bag. It helps adjust the angle at which the tennis balls are launched and is manually adjusted as follows:
    • Open the Side Pocket
    • Rotate the knob counterclockwise to release the bar. (Important: Fully loosen the knob before attempting to adjust the bar). 
    • Adjust to the desired ANGLE that you want the ball to be launched.
    • Rotate the knob clockwise to lock the bar.  (Important: Fully tighten the knob to avoid vibration and noise).
      • *You will see numbers 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 on the slot where you adjust the ELEVATION BAR.  These are not degrees of angle but rather indicate an INCREASE in the angle as you move the knob from 0 to 40.  

  • Launcher Serial Number: Use this number to activate your warranty for your Slinger Bang. I can be found in the ball elevation knob pocket on the right side of the launcher.
  • Ball Launcher Control Panel: The easy to use control panel houses the on/off, speed, and feed dials. Charge your Slinger Bag via the port located on the control panel as well. (Every Slinger comes with 4 adapters for use worldwide) LED lights display your launcher's battery level.

           Control Panel Details

    1. The Power ON/OFF Switch - This switch is at the bottom right front of the panel as you face the front of your Slinger Bag. It must be turned ON for the Slinger Bag to function. 
    2. Battery Display -There are four lights on the front panel of the Slinger Bag: one RED, one ORANGE, and two GREEN As the battery discharges the lights will go out from right to left. When only the RED light is lit, there are only a few minutes of power left and the Slinger Bag will shut down.
    3. Speed Dial – The speed dial is on the top right of the control panel. This dial controls HOW FAST, the tennis ball is fired. You will see three words around the dial, (left to right), BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED. As you turn the dial from the left, (BEGINNER), to the far right, (ADVANCED), you will increase the SPEED at which the tennis ball is fired.  The ball speed ranges from 10mph/16kph to 45mph/73kph.
    4. FEED – The feed dial is on the bottom right of the control panel. This dial controls HOW OFTEN a tennis ball is fired. Again, there are three words around the dial, (left to right), BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED. As you turn the dial from the left to the right, the RATE at which the tennis ball is fired increases. The FEED RATE range is from every 8 seconds to every 2 seconds.
  •  Lift Handle: Located on the bottom of the bag, the launcher lift handle offers a convenient handle to help you lift Slinger Bag into the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Battery Life: The rate at which your battery life discharges is dependent on usage. If Slinger Bag is used on medium settings including oscillation, then the battery life is up to 3 hours. This reduces to 1.5 hours when used at maximum speed, feed, and oscillation while utilizing the mobile phone charging port. You can replace the battery without replacing your entire launcher. While the original battery should last for years, replacement batteries for Slinger Bag will be available at $49.99. The battery is not included under the warranty coverage. Grand Slam Pack products include the new Slinger battery. This new battery can be easily removed from the launcher and charged separately for future use. This makes it more user friendly and allows heavy users the opportunity to have multiple batteries to interchange when needed. We will also offer a RetroFit kit to allow owners of the original Launcher to retrofit this new battery.
  • Ball hopper pocket – The ball hopper pocket stores up to 72 tennis balls when the hopper is closed and 144 balls while your Slinger Bag is in use.
  • Storage pocket – The storage pocket allows you to easily carry all your tennis gear including rackets, shoes, water bottles, and towels.
  • Remote control – Use the remote to control Slinger Bags launching and oscillation abilities. Slinger will not function without your remote.