Slinger Bag is currently in the final stages of development and will be available this summer.
Pre-orders are not currently possible. However, click Get Slinger Bag on the homepage and add your email address and be one of the first to hear our Slinger Bag Launch news!
Yes. If there are tennis courts, Slinger Bag will be there!
Slinger Bag has a remote option allowing you to turn the launcher on/off from across the court.
While Slinger Bag itself does not oscilate, we have created a rotating platform, which will allow Slinger Bag to oscilate. The Rotating Platform will be available to purchase separately.
With Slinger Bag, you can change the speed, feed and angle allowing to practice at a variety of skill levels.
Yes all Slinger Bag products will come with a standard 12 month warranty. You will also be able to register your warranty to increase warranty to 3 years.
No. Slinger Bag is wireless and can run for approximately 5 hours on a full charge.
We are using a Lithium Ion (highest quality) premium battery and to fully charge it will take a maximum of 4 hours. Our Smart cable charger will ‘know’ when the product is fully charged and will shut down to avoid damaging your battery.
Yes, Slinger Bag will work on all courts.
Yes, with the exception of Stage 3 Foam balls. We will be recommending and making available the ideal Ball type to be used in Slinger Bag when we launch this summer