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Slinger is currently available to order for residents of The US and will be coming to other regions of the world very soon. Please visit to learn more.
Slinger is currently available to order for residents of The US and will be coming to other regions of the world very soon. Please visit to learn more.
We are establishing distribution partners in all tennis markets globally. Please email for further information on your local Slinger distributor
Yes. Slinger Bag has a remote control. The remote operates both the Launcher and the Oscillator "ON/OFF" from across the court.
The main Slinger Bag itself does not oscillate. However, we have created an unique Oscillator plate on which the Slinger Bag can sit and which allows the Slinger Bag to oscillate. The Oscillator is included in all of our Grand Slam Packs.
Slinger Bag allows the user to modify ball speed, ball frequency and ball elevation independently.
All Slinger Bags have a 12 month statutory Limited Warranty. This can be extended to 3 years Limited Warranty by registering your Slinger Launcher at
NO Slinger cannot be connected to power when being used. The battery can be charged when not in use.
Slinger Bag is powered by a premium quality Lithium Ion battery. To fully charge the battery will take approximately 4 hours. Our smart charger cable will monitor when the Slinger Bag is fully charged and will automatically reduce to a charge pulse at that point to prevent any undue damage to the battery.
Slinger Bag has been extensively tested on all court surfaces without any known issues.
Yes, with the exception of Stage 3 Foam balls. After testing many different ball types we recommend using premium quality balls at all times in your Slinger Bag. We recommend and sell Slinger Triniti Balls (by Wilson) for optimal performance.
The amount of topspin generated can be managed by altering the ball speed and elevation angle settings to find a launch sequence that works best for your game. Slinger is also easily moved on the court and we suggest testing varying court placements to find the best mix of placement, speed, angle and ball frequency for your level of play.
No. It is for safety reasons that the Slinger Bag will only begin launching with a 2-step "ON" process (On switch "ON" first and then press "ON" on the remote to activate either the Launcher or the Launcher and the Oscillator).
On the top of your Slinger ball tube you will see 2 ball holder clips. To release the tennis balls simple push those two clips outwards to open the ball escape opening.
  • Ensure that you have removed the plastic cover from the magnetic connector at the end of the cable.
  • Ensure that the magnetic connector on both the end of the Oscillator cable and on the Launcher control panel are free from dirt / dust.
  • Press "ON" for both the Launcher and Oscillator button on the remote control
  • The Oscillator will take 15 seconds to get powered up correctly before oscillation starts.
  • If, for any reason, these steps do not work please contact our support team at for further assistance.
(1) Please remove the battery from the Slinger to assess the battery connection cable. NOTE: The Slinger must be unplugged from the charger before removing the battery for safety reasons. (2) Check the adapter on the plug to the charger to see that it is securely attached. It will "click" in place when properly inserted. (3) Next be sure that the charger connection that is inserted into the front panel of the Slinger is fully inserted. When charging, the charger will display a RED light. When charging is complete, the light on the charger will turn green. (4) If you are having trouble charging the battery, make sure that the power cable has not become disconnected from the battery. If none of these steps work, contact our support team at for further assistance.
Answer: Please note that if the ON / OFF switch is switched on then off for less than 10 seconds there is a risk of damaging the electronics behind the switch. Users are therefore requested to not to rapidly switch on and off the Launcher.