Cell Phone Camera Holder

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The camera holder provides a perfect solution for you to record your workout on the court. Simply clip the camera holder to the trolley handle of your Slinger Bag, clip your phone in, and hit record! Get ready to improve all aspects of your game!

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Cell Phone Camera Holder clips easily onto the trolley handle of your Slinger Bag.  This allows players to easily record and film their form and positioning during training sessions.

  • Easily mounted to the trolley handle using a screw-based clip, fitted with friction rubber ensuring stability through recording the session.
  • Expandable spring-loaded grip ensures that any size phone will fit securely, making it the perfect accessory for any player.
  • Includes stabilizing rubber stretching over the corners of a player's phone, ensuring clear steady footage of your game.
  • The easiest way to review and perfect your form and positioning from session to session.


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