The First Ever Ball Launcher in a Tennis Bag

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Waiting on the Court Shouldn't Be a Thing

Just set it to your preferred style and start swinging

Mix It Up

Warm Up Like a Pro:

Slinger is programmable to a variety of settings, serve types and sequences, so you can keep it straight up lobs or challenge yourself with swerves and curves.

Set Your

Own Pace

Set your speed, anywhere from 10-80 MPH. Because some days you want to go easy on yourself but on others you want to be kept on your toes.

A Modular

Tennis Bag

Not Just a Launcher:

Slinger comes in an awesome tennis bag with space for your rackets, balls, towels, bottles, and is so modular you can even detach and use the tennis bag part separately.



Made from high quality durable materials, Slinger was made for the field. The inner mechanics are smaller updated versions of the ball launchers we all know and love, just with a few cool additions, like a charger for your phone.

Design & Components

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